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Every Season, Any Adventure: Ushood’s All-Weather Outdoor Apparel

by Divya Krishnamoorthy on Dec 08, 2023

Every Season, Any Adventure: Ushood’s All-Weather Outdoor Apparel

Ushood® provides full and continuous coverage through custom-made base layers and sun shirts with attached masks/hoods. We're proud of the thorough testing and analysis we did to guarantee that the hood would fit comfortably under helmets without blocking the wearer's line of sight. No one enjoys having their peace disrupted by the intrusion of unwelcome elements through unsealed seams in their clothing. Ushood® has addressed this issue by creating a fully-covering, lightweight one-piece garment. Whether you're looking for a sun shirt for the summer or a base layer for the winter, Ushood® has you covered with our 100% Made in USA custom-made design and fabrics for any season, sport, or activity.

Ushood Pinnacle Base Layer (Adult) - For Cold-Weather with Adjustable Mask & Hood

Your new favorite cold-weather layer is the Pinnacle base layer, which is as soft as butter. The UPF50+ sun protection, antimicrobial protection, thumb holes, and our unique mask/hood versatility are all great features. For cooler weather, Pinnacle is a good choice. Its 4-way stretch cloth lets air flow through and wicks away moisture, keeping you warm. A face mask/hood you can adjust gives you the most protection in a soft base layer that looks great. There are no gaps for cold to get in.

Ushood Pinnacle Base Layer

Ushood Ultra-Light Liteside Sun Shirt - UV Protection, Fitted Mask/Hood Design

Liteside sunshirts are the perfect light layer to keep you safe when it gets warmer. The cloth is breathable, quick-drying, and stretchy in 4 directions. It also protects against UV rays and germs so that you can wear it longer between washings. Our sun shirts have thumb holes and a custom-built-in mask and hood that fit snugly over your head and cover your whole face. This makes Liteside the perfect, easy layer to keep you safe and cool when it gets hot.

Available in Classic design and with a Ponytail opening.

Even though May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, you should always try to avoid getting it. The Liteside fabric from Ushood is UPF50+ and protects you from the sun's harmful rays without losing style or comfort.

Ultra-Light Liteside Sun Shirt

Ushood Liteside Sun Shirt (Youth) - UV Protection, UPF50+ Fabric, Hood

It is very soft and light, and the UltraLight Liteside sun shirt is excellent for hot weather because it keeps you cool and protects your skin from UV rays. With a built-in face mask/hood, your kids will retain their face coverings at school or other events away from home. Kids will gladly wear this safety gear because it makes them "feel like a ninja!"

Now available with thumb holes, a ponytail opening, and our new XS size for toddlers!

While May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, prevention is essential every day of the year. Ushood's Liteside fabric is UPF50+ and provides vital protection from the sun's damaging rays without sacrificing comfort or style.

Liteside Sun Shirt (Youth)

Ushood Liteside Sun Shirt with Ponytail Opening (Adult & Youth) - Hood Design

Designed with both style and functionality, our Liteside Sun Shirts redefine outdoor comfort. The innovative ponytail opening at the back of the hood ensures you can enjoy the sun with the hood up without compromising convenience. Whether you're hitting the trails, lounging by the beach, or engaging in your favorite outdoor activities, these shirts offer a seamless blend of fashion and practicality. Crafted from high-quality materials, they provide optimal sun protection while allowing you to express your unique sense of style. Elevate your outdoor wardrobe with our Liteside sunshirts and experience the perfect fusion of comfort and flair on every adventure. Available in Adult and Youth sizes.

Ushood Switchback (Adult) - Mid-Weight Breathable 4-Way Stretch Performance with Hood & UPF50+

Our new Switchback line provides superior comfort and protection as our Pinnacle base layers, but in a lighter weight, ideal for mild temperatures or people who "run hot." UPF50+ sun protection, antibacterial protection, moisture-wicking, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric, and a comfortable, breathable fit are all features of Switchback Ushoods. The Switchback collection is the first to include a ponytail opening in addition to our trademark mask/hood and thumb openings.

Ushood's all-weather outerwear is an excellent option for hikers, campers, and camp hosts of all ages. Ushood guarantees that you may go on any trip, regardless of the season or the weather, while keeping your skin safe, thanks to their high-quality, 100% made-in-the-USA products and extensive selection of styles and sizes. Ushood is a trusted name in outdoor and sportswear among people who prioritize durability and comfort when adventuring. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a budding explorer, Ushood has the needed gear.

At, you can look at high-quality base layers and sunshirts that have face masks and hoods built right in. Go to right now to improve your time outside!