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Our experience with Ushood is extraordinary.  With your product and customer service, I believe that our family will continue to support Ushood by word and deed.  Thanks for supporting worthy charities as well."

Jean, Salem VA

I wore my blue Ushood on my walk through the big flake snow this morning. What a great piece of gear!”

Wayne, Salida CO

Probably the most functional piece of apparel I own this winter.”

Marcy, New Hampshire

I would NOT have survived without my Pinnacles. I took two of them with me, and I should have taken more honestly. They warmed up that much”

Jeanette, Marina del Rey CA

I love your design of these base layers. Perfect shape, perfect thickness, seams don’t hurt when you put a backpack on the
shoulders, etc…. These shirts are worth their price in gold."

Phil, Charlotte NC

I am overwhelmed by the personal service. What a company!"

Kitty, Iowa City IA

From the midst of nowhere in Iceland. About 30 degrees and my Ushood base layer is amazing!! Like I should have just packed that!"

Jeanette, Marina del Rey CA

Best present ever!! Thank you so much, I love it."

Jim, Negaunee MI

Living in and loving my Ushood!!!” 

Jill, Boulder CO

It fits perfect! So happy. I already have worn it out biking and it was great.” 

Caroline, Maple Valley WA

Thank you for providing us with an outstanding outdoor product!  Can’t wait to receive our next order!”

Kerri, Eugene OR

If you travel to Alaska, grab these! The mosquitoes are no joke and we weren’t bit where the shirts were covering! We were stopped multiple times by people hiking and they asked about these shirts!"

Elizabeth, Meadowbrook PA

These shirts are amazing! Especially for my 2 year old who doesn't quite love wearing a hat yet.” 

Kala, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Perfect running shirt. Layers well. Hood and Face Mask all in one!!” 

Robyn, Denver CO

I love my new sun shirt. Great quality! I can’t wait to wear it for summer days of walking the dog and playing tennis.” 

Frank, Los Angeles CA

I love wearing my Ushood before and after surfing in the cold Southern California waters."

Charity, Breckenridge CO

"Yay for Ushood shirts!"

Garrett ~ Golden, CO

No more sunscreen induced dermatitis for me!!"

Kerstin, Portland OR

One of the best base layers I've worn. Has a built-in hood with mask, and it's a fantastic seamless base layer."

Griffen, Winter Park CO

I love these products! These are my most favorite to wear when I paddle board. I've basically worn it every other day!!"

Natalie, Jupiter FL

My husband wears his all the time when we go biking to keep his face warm and protected!”

Caroline, Maple Valley WA

They are amazing. We had them on for just over an hour and it is a searing hot day, and I was comfortable the whole time. The hood rocks and the built in buff is really nicely designed. I can’t wait to be on the salt flats when they open up again to put this to the ultimate test.”

Trevor - Johannesburg, South Africa

I bought a blue sun shirt early in the pandemic. I literally wear it every day. It allows me to feel safe from the sun and protected as a walker. Thanks for making the world’s best product!” 

Arlene, Clearwater FL

Her favorite top for the winter, and the best part – no need to carry a mask!” 

Jeannette, Los Angeles

We both love our Ushood tops!  The head covering being attached to the shirt keeps us so much warmer than having a shirt and head covering separately.   They are great for skiing!” 

Drew, Aurora CO

These are a great option, especially for kids who may need to wear masks for a long period of time." 

Jamie, Washington DC

Been loving wearing my Ushood running! I can quickly pull the neck over my nose if I am going to pass by any people - So convenient!” 

Tanya, San Francisco

Today we started cycling the West Coast Wilderness trail on New Zealand’s South Island. Thank goodness for my Ushood stashed in my bag, because the wind was colder than expected for the first 15kms. After 2 years, my Ushood is still going strong."

Rachel, Christchurch New Zealand

Definitely my favorite piece for touring. Great ability to temperature regulate when needed without feeling suffocated in a bunch of clothes that need to be taken on and off when it gets too warm or too cold! Thanks for making an awesome piece ofoutdoor clothing!” 

Olivia, Bend OR

I love my blue base layer shirt for cycling this winter in Seattle. I use the orange lightweight one all the time running.  And I literally see the cars notice me and pull out to give me more room. Great product!!!!"

Jeff, Mercer Island WA

Thanks for an amazing product. We took ours to Zurs Austria in January. Goes from skiing, to drinking, to skiing, to afternoon cake like nothing I’ve ever worn! Cheers!” 

Christine, Boulder CO

Absolutely love the product for my hiking and backpacking needs.” 

Krishna, San Jose CA

Ushood as a barrier against smoke from wildfires in WA, CA, and OR. Thankful to all the firefighters battling blazes up and down the west coast.” 

Marilyn, Ashford WA

Excellent quality, great protection, perfect fit. Would highly recommend!”

Colton, Denver CO

My son absolutely loves his shirt! This is a major breakthrough for us. You have no idea! My son has major sensory issues and it’s hard to find clothes that he likes touching his skin.” 

Ron, Boston MA

Kayaking around Tanglewood and Fox Islands, WA. Wearing Ushood for social distancing and sun protection. Thank you for a 2-4-1 shirt!”

Marilyn, Seattle WA

Have to let you know I LOVE my new shirt. It’s so nice and comfy. :)"

Garrett, Golden CO

Tried my Ushood for the first time and LOOOOVED it!! No more frozen face, teeth, and wet hair while washing down the boat in the cold NW. So warm and soft too. It felt like I was in a cuddly cocoon. I actually wore it for two days. I didn't want to take it off."

Mar, Tanglewood WA

“I love Ushood when riding my motorcycle, it fits under my helmet and keeps my ears warm”

Nancy, Jamesburg NJ

Purchased a couple of your heavier shirts at Ft Lauderdale Boat Show this last weekend and wore one in Denver cold this week and LOVED it!"

David, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Huge dilemma.  It dropped to 30 degrees.  I had to bike to Brooklyn.  GUESS WHAT THE SOLUTION WAS…  Ushood for the win!!!"

Louise, NYC

I absolutely adore my Liteside Ushood! It is the best reef shirt I have ever used! I am outside all day, on the water and snorkeling. It's UPF 40 means I am protected from the sun, and it's lightweight, so I dry off in minutes. I now cannot imagine a day on vacation in the sun without my Ushood!"

Paul, French Polynesia

The kiddos received their lightweight Ushoods last week and have absolutely loved them.  They are top notch and have had a million uses already.  Movies, grocery shopping, outdoor exploring...” 

Brett Marie, Hartford CT

Ushood is AMAZING. I’ve been out at the beach and it’s my new fave piece of clothing by miles. THANK YOU!!!!"

LW, New York

Absolutely in love with this hoodie! The fit, fabric, reflective design- all perfect. I also think the packaging is a very cool touch. Will definitely be ordering more.”  

Judy, Niwot CO

Just Got My 1st One & Fricking Love It!!"

Jimi, Morrison CO

Amazing quality and he loves it!! Wears it for everything. Thank you guys so much! I definitely need to get more.” 

Dana, Washington DC

I feel like a Ninja!”  

Kids everywhere

Note the Ushood ! Best shirt ever.”

Jennifer, St. Augustine FL

Day 1 skiing today, and all 4 of us LOVED our shirts. I couldn't be more impressed. I've been skiing my whole life. I've never had a shirt perform like that."

The Miller Family, Golden CO

I like that its all made in the States. I dig the design, too."

Jesse, Portland OR

All I have to say is WOW!!!! I was ski instructor for 17 years and I never had a garment function like Ushood. I wore it exactly the same everyday no matter the temp. Some days were snowy and colder and later in the week it became sunny and warmer. I NEVER gave a single though to my body temperature."

Garrett, Golden CO

I love how the fabric fits and feels. The thumb holes are great, and I love having a mask attached. I'd really like to get one in every color!"

Lily, Boulder CO

You have a wonderful product!"

Greg, Mt. Pleasant SC

I love the Ushood product quality & get many compliments which is why I’m purchasing more for gifts."

Joanne, West Orange NJ

Just broke in my Ushood on a 20 mile ride in 50 degree weather. It was PERFECT! The fit, weight, thumb holes and neck/face warmer are all perfect. Can't wait to ski in in this winter."

Preston, Atlanta GA

I got one of these last year as a gift and I LOVE IT! I need more!"

Liann, Denver CO

Thank you for my order. And Thank you card and sticker. I love the product, how fast my order was received, and being contacted on the order process. Keep up the awesome work that you do."

Theresa, San Jose CA

When the tops arrived at my house I was very impressed by the quality and happily sent off two as birthday presents. ...They were both delighted by both the concept and the quality, and no, they hadn’t seen something similar! Since then I’ve ordered 4 more tops as presents and told friends about your product. I’m just delighted by the idea, and again, the high quality."


Ann, Lancaster PA

I am writing to say how pleased I am with my first purchase of your Ushood Adult Pinnacle Layer shirt. I was also quite surprised on the speed of its delivery that arrived today."

Clarice, NY NY