Customer reviews and photos of adventures in their base layers and sun shirts.

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"We’re really loving these new Ushood sunshirts. Highly recommend you get yours before visiting the beautiful USVI. They even have an option for a ponytail opening in the hood which is genius."

Adventures in Salt Water Taffy, USVI

"Sun, saltwater, and skin protection (exposure, irritation, abrasion) while
exploring. Thanks Ushood!"

Marilyn, Seattle WA

"Our experience with Ushood is extraordinary.  With your product and customer service, I believe that our family will continue to support Ushood by word and deed. Thanks for supporting worthy charities as well."

Jean, Salem VA

“I wore my blue Ushood on my walk through the big flake snow this morning. What a great piece of gear!”

Wayne, Salida CO

“Probably the most functional piece of apparel I own this winter.”

Marcy, New Hampshire

“I would NOT have survived without my Pinnacles. I took two of them with me, and I should have taken more honestly. They warmed up that much."

Jeanette, Marina del Rey CA

“I love your design of these base layers. Perfect shape, perfect thickness, seams don’t hurt when you put a backpack on the shoulders, etc…. These shirts are worth their price in gold."

Phil, Charlotte NC

“I am overwhelmed by the personal service. What a company!"

Kitty, Iowa City IA

“From the midst of nowhere in Iceland. About 30 degrees and my Ushood base layer is amazing!! Like I should have just packed that!"

Jeanette, Marina del Rey CA

"Best present ever!! Thank you so much, I love it."

Jim, Negaunee MI

“Living in and loving my Ushood!!!” 

Jill, Boulder CO

“It fits perfect! So happy. I already have worn it out biking and it was great.” 

Caroline, Maple Valley WA

“Thank you for providing us with an outstanding outdoor product!  Can’t wait to receive our next order!”

Kerri, Eugene OR

“If you travel to Alaska, grab these! The mosquitoes are no joke and we weren’t bit where the shirts were covering! We were stopped multiple times by people hiking and they asked about these shirts!"

Elizabeth, Meadowbrook PA

“These shirts are amazing! Especially for my 2 year old who doesn't quite love wearing a hat yet.” 

Kala, Ft. Lauderdale FL

“Perfect running shirt. Layers well. Hood and Face Mask all in one!!” 

Robyn, Denver CO

“I love my new sun shirt. Great quality! I can’t wait to wear it for summer days of walking the dog and playing tennis.” 

Frank, Los Angeles CA

“I love wearing my Ushood before and after surfing in the cold Southern California waters."

Charity, Breckenridge CO

"Yay for Ushood shirts!"

Garrett ~ Golden, CO

“No more sunscreen induced dermatitis for me!!"

Kerstin, Portland OR

“One of the best base layers I've worn. Has a built-in hood with mask, and it's a fantastic seamless base layer."

Griffen, Winter Park CO

“I love these products! These are my most favorite to wear when I paddle board. I've basically worn it every other day!!"

Natalie, Jupiter FL

“My husband wears his all the time when we go biking to keep his face warm and protected!”

Caroline, Maple Valley WA

“They are amazing. We had them on for just over an hour and it is a searing hot day, and I was comfortable the whole time. The hood rocks and the built in buff is
really nicely designed. I can’t wait to be on the salt flats when they open up again to put this to the ultimate test.”

Trevor - Johannesburg, South Africa