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What I love is that I don't have to pack another piece of clothing in my ski bag to keep up with.  Ushood makes it so easy."

Courtney, Denver

Obsessed. That is the best way to describe how Jack feels about his Ushood!! He has not taken it off (except to be washed). He wears it everywhere, dances in it, sleeps in it, eats in it, ninjas in it."

Jennifer, St. Augustine

The Ushood was the difference between a happy kid and a whiny kid when I made her ski on a wet, wet, snowy day."

Kat, Bend OR

Just broke in my Ushood on a 20 mile ride in 50 degree weather. It was PERFECT!  The fit, weight, thumb holes, and neck/face warmer are all perfect. Can’t wait to ski in it this winter."

Preston, Atlanta GA

It's the best shirt he's EVER worn!"

Holly, WA

I feel like a Ninja!"

Kids everywhere