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Thanks for an amazing product. We took ours to Zurs Austria in January. Goes from skiing, to drinking, to skiing, to afternoon cake like nothing I’ve ever worn!"

Chris, Boulder CO

I love my blue base layer shirt for cycling this winter in Seattle... I use the orange lightweight one all the time running. And I literally see the cars notice me and pull out to give me more room... Great product!!!!"

Jeff, Mercer Island WA

Absolutely love the product for my hiking and backpacking needs.”

Krishna, San Jose CA

We can't get anything like Ushood down here. All the fishing shirts available are really scratchy and wear out quickly. All the guys at the marina keep trying to take my Ushoods!"

Scott, Panama

Hey Mom…can you see me? I’m so camouflaged!"

Waylon, Erie CO

Ushood as a barrier against smoke from wildfires in WA, CA, and OR. Thankful to all the firefighters battling blazes.” 

Marilyn, Ashford WA

My son absolutely loves his shirt! This is a major breakthrough for us. You have no idea! My son has major sensory issues and it’s hard to find clothes that he likes touching his skin.”  

Ron, Boston MA

Excellent quality, great protection, perfect fit. Would highly recommend!”  

Colton, Denver CO

Have to let you know I LOVE my new shirt. It’s so nice and comfy. :)”

Garrett, Golden CO

New favorite use for Ushood..... Mosquito Net!!"

Paul, Boulder Creek CA

Wearing Ushood for social distancing and sun protection. Thank you for a 2-4-1 shirt!"

MGP, Tanglewood WA

Ushood is one of my favorite shirts to wear. It's comfortable, breezy & keeps me at a great temperature.  I really love the colors & camo!"

Grace, Dillon CO

I am so grateful for my Ushood these days.  No matter how hard masks are to find, I know I always have a face covering with my Ushood.  It's holding up great with all the extra washings. Thank you!"

Jean, Boulder CO

Our 4 backpackers LOVED their Litesides during our expedition in the beautiful Sierras!"

Courtney, Atlanta GA

All I have to say is WOW!!!! I was a ski instructor for 17 years and I never had a garment function like Ushood. I wore it exactly the same everyday no matter the temp. Some days were snowy and colder and later in the week it became sunny and warmer. I NEVER gave a single thought to my body temperature."

Garrett, Golden CO

I love Ushood when riding my motorcycle, it fits under my helmet and keeps my ears warm.” 

Nancy, Jamesburg NJ

Love my Pinnacle base layer.  Wore it under helmet on first ski outing at 11,300 and 0 F.  Warm and cozy.  It's a great product.  Keep it up!"

Bill, Denver

Tried my Ushood for the first time and LOOOOVED it!! No more frozen face, teeth, and wet hair while washing down the boat in the cold NW. So warm and soft too.  I actually wore it for two days. I didn't want to take it off."

Marilyn, WA

Huge dilemma.  It dropped to 30 degrees.  I had to bike to Brooklyn.  GUESS WHAT THE SOLUTION WAS…  Ushood for the win!!!"

L. Weston, NYC

Purchased a couple of your heavier shirts at Ft Lauderdale Boat Show and wore one in the Denver cold this week and LOVED it!"

David T, Ft. Lauderdale

Ushood is AMAZING. I’ve been out at the beach and it’s my new fave piece of clothing by miles. THANK YOU!!!!"

Louise, NY

My Liteside Ushood is the best reef shirt I have ever used! I am outside all day, on the water and snorkeling. It's UPF 40 means I am protected from the sun, and it's lightweight, so I dry off in minutes. I now cannot imagine a day on vacation in the sun without my Ushood!"

Paul, Boulder Creek CA

The kiddos received their lightweight Ushoods and absolutely love them.  They are top notch and have had a million uses already.  Movies, grocery shopping, outdoor exploring...” 

Brett Marie, Hartford CT

It treated me really well on the river!"

Stacey, Denver CO

Just Got My 1st One & Fricking Love It!!"

Jimi, Morrison CO

Absolutely in love with this hoodie! The fit, fabric, reflective design- all perfect. Will definitely be ordering more.”

Judy, Niwot CO

Note: the Ushood - Best shirt ever!” 

Jennifer, Portland OR

Amazing quality and he loves it!! Wears it for everything. Thank you guys so much! I definitely need to get more.”  

Dana, Washington DC

All I know is you should always camp with a Pinnacle Ushood. With temperatures well below 20 degrees this weekend, my Ushood kept me super cozy! I'll never camp without one again."

Courtney K., Denver CO

My Ushood is my new favorite thing!"

Cara, Telluride CO

 Just wanted you to know that my [Pinnacle] is now blizzard tested (while shoveling snow) and I love it!"

Greg, Boulder CO

He's hooked on skiing, and we're both hooked on Ushood!"

Wilson family, Keystone CO

This is the first time I haven't been cold on the camera step!"  

Dirk, wearing his red Ushood at Mile-Hi Skydiving, Longmont CO

It was freezing cold and windy at the top, and the Ushood was a lifesaver!"

Greg, Lafayette CO

What I love is that I don't have to pack another piece of clothing in my ski bag to keep up with.  Ushood makes it so easy."

Courtney, Denver

Obsessed. That is the best way to describe how Jack feels about his Ushood!! He has not taken it off (except to be washed). He wears it everywhere, dances in it, sleeps in it, eats in it, ninjas in it."

Jennifer, St. Augustine

The Ushood was the difference between a happy kid and a whiny kid when I made her ski on a wet, wet, snowy day."

Kat, Bend OR

Just broke in my Ushood on a 20 mile ride in 50 degree weather. It was PERFECT!  The fit, weight, thumb holes, and neck/face warmer are all perfect. Can’t wait to ski in it this winter."

Preston, Atlanta GA

It's the best shirt he's EVER worn!"

Holly, WA

I feel like a Ninja!"

Kids everywhere

I WOULD NOT WANT ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WINTER TIME IN NORHTERN MICHIGAN! So comfortable, and stylish as well. I can be snow blowing the driveway or go to the brewery."

Matty, MI

Pretty cool that I didn't lose anything skiing this time.  It was all attached to my Ushood."

Lily, Boulder CO