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Our Mema, sewed the first “shoodie” after Sean came off the mountain and did a quick sketch of what would become the perfect base layer. It was an instant favorite. Different from a sweatshirt hoodie because of the breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics we used and maximum protection coverage – it was a true base layer for every adventure and activity. We used it while skiing, running, cycling, fishing and gardening. We wore our Ushoods on the sidelines while our kids wore them on the fields as they played their sports..

20 years and many more iterations later, my son decided to use the perfected product for his eighth-grade Capstone project. Though we had always wanted to turn the idea into something bigger, his encouragement to us to bring it to market was the catalyst for creating the Ushood® brand. Our daughter used her creativity and skills to help lay the groundwork as we launched.

After two years of research and planning, we are proud to offer Ushood® to families everywhere. As we grow, we are staying true to our values, and we are committed to delivering the ultimate in comfort and versatility, made from high quality materials right here in the USA. We are a family that firmly believes in giving back, therefore, proceeds from every Ushood® sold on our website will be donated to a registered nonprofit.

Mindfully Making a Difference

If we don’t take care of Mother Earth, where will we boogie, bike, ski, board, camp, run, etc?
Team Ushood® cares very much about our role in this effort, and we love to share some of the ways we are walking the walk.
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