Ushood Gives Back with Philanthropic Program

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The founders of Ushood® ("you should") are grateful for the opportunity to give back to organizations working to improve communities and the lives of others.  
Through our program, Cher On, a portion of proceeds from every Ushood® purchased will be donated to an organization of the customer’s choosing from a list of options. 
Your Voice … Your Choice. 

Our current list of beneficiary options for your Ushood donations includes:




is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides mental health and wellness resources to the music industry and their families.

Backline connects
music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources—streamlining access to a network of trusted organizations and care providers that understand this line of work. This free resource serves as a critical connector for music industry professionals who often lack the resources they need to address mental health and wellness needs.
Backline offers
a free Case Management program to help individuals navigate the mental health care system, weekly support groups specific to the music industry, as well as virtual programming that includes meditation, breathwork, yoga, and other wellness modalities. More information can be found at There has never been a better time to take steps to improve our own mental health and wellness. We encourage you to make use of this resource by tapping into it yourself or sharing it with your associates.
  The Divided Sky Fund, WaterWheel Foundation
The WaterWheel Foundation was created by Phish in 1997 to oversee the band’s charitable endeavors. The Foundation raises money primarily through its Touring Division, partnering with local non-profits in communities Phish visits on tour and with national organizations during times of need. The Foundation has donated millions of dollars to hundreds of non-profits. The Divided Sky Fund will focus on delivering quality care and compassionate treatment for those suffering from alcoholism and addiction. 

 Colorado Healing Fund

Support the needs of victims, families, and the larger impacted community affected by the Boulder King Soopers tragedy.

The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was founded in 2018 by a group of victim advocates and community leaders to establish a secure way for the public to contribute to victims of mass casualty crimes in Colorado.

Their mission is to assist local communities with the financial, emotional and physical needs of victims of mass tragedies that occur in the state of Colorado. The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) will serve as the single point in Colorado for the collection of public donations in the aftermath of a mass tragedy and in conjunction with community partners CHF will coordinate the disbursement of funds to victims.

        Wellfit Girls
Wellfit Girls is committed to providing unique and meaningful leadership, fitness and empowerment programs for teen girls in Collier and Lee Counties in Florida. Their comprehensive youth development model is designed to build resiliency and deepen relationships with youth through fitness & leadership training, community service, cultural immersion experiences, outdoor adventures & experiential learning opportunities. Girls have the choice to participate in programs for as short as three weeks or as long as four years and beyond.
Each program concludes with a domestic expedition that guides teens through a combination of physical, mental and interpersonal challenges designed to prepare them to overcome past, present and future obstacles. The struggles they will experience on the mountain will correlate to life struggles they may currently have or may have in future years. They will learn they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. The goal is to inspire and empower each girl while nurturing and developing each girl’s individual leadership style. We are building strong women to be our future leaders. We believe you cannot have transformation without tension.

Stay tuned….. More to come!


Past Recipients of Cher On Donations


   Blue Sky Bridge  

Blue Sky Bridge was established to provide a safe and supportive environment for abuse victims where a neutral, professionally-led forensic interview provides case information for all participating law enforcement, judicial and social service agencies.


   California Wildfire Relief Fund    

The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires, as well as preparedness efforts.



EFAA helps those in our community whose immediate needs for food, shelter and other basic necessities cannot be adequately met by other means, and supports their efforts toward financial stability or self-sufficiency.


  The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research  


Team Fox is the grassroots community fundraising program of The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Since 2006, Team Fox members worldwide have been turning their passions and interests into opportunities to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's research. Every penny donated by Team Fox members goes straight to our high-impact research programs to help speed a cure for Parkinson's disease.


    Project Sanctuary

Believing that when one person serves the whole family serves, Project Sanctuary takes a human-centered, solution-based approach to helping military families heal and move forward in life.

What began as one retreat boot-strapped together in the mountains of Colorado has since grown into a national organization serving thousands of at-risk military families across the country. Today, Project Sanctuary is proud to be one of the only organizations serving veterans, spouses, caregivers, and children as a family unit. 


   SADS Foundation    

To save the lives and support the families of children and adults who are genetically predisposed to sudden death due to heart rhythm abnormalities.


    There With Care 

Our mission is to provide a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services to families and children during the critical phase of a medical crisis. We serve families referred by medical agencies, by building a network of services and people who ease the burden of life’s day-to-day obligations with compassion and care.


Be sure to designate where your Cher On donation will go at check out!

We’re all in this together, and this life ain’t no dress rehearsal, so let’s pull together to make a difference.