Ushood base layers and sun shirts are perfect for excursions into nature. Easy layering with various levels of coverage and protection make these shirts perfect for long days with varying conditions. Compact with extra bang for the pack space since a hood & neck warmer are attached, Ushood layers are quickly becoming essential gear for outdoor lovers of all kinds.

make it easy

Versatile Layers for Adjustable Coverage

It's easy to beef up or peel back the coverage & stay comfortable during changing conditions. Antimicrobial fabric means longer wear with fewer washings required. UPF 50+ protection reduces the need for sunscreen & having to remember to reapply.

“Absolutely love the product for my hiking and backpacking needs.”  ~Krishna P. - San Jose, CA

What You'll Love

Pinnacle for colder temps. Liteside for the heat. Check out why these easy layers will serve you well.