What's New at Ushood

Thank You!

We’d like to start off by giving a huge shout-out of gratitude for your recent orders and referrals.  Hearing from our tribe has made sheltering in place a happier ride.

Happy Spring Everybody!

We are steady as we go here at the Ushood office, and we've really enjoyed hearing from many of you. One of our favorite things is when customers share their photos and what they’re up to in their Ushoods.  It really makes our day! 

From Ski to Sea or anything in between... Ushood has you covered, literally, and it is so great to see! So, pandemic or not, Ushood is for U if you enjoy fishing, boating, biking, hiking, hunting, kayaking, climbing, camping, gardening and so much more. 

As many states start to open their economies back up, individual vigilance with personal safety grows even more important. Our health is our responsibility, and we must move forward with diligent care.

We encourage each of you to keep your faces covered when in public. Ushood sun shirts and base layers have a built-in, hassle-free face mask that is easily accessible when you need it without having to carry around a mask. Pull it up, pull it down, stay on the move, never lose your stride.

They are ideal for exercise, being outdoors, or even when you're just feeling casual and want to wear something super comfortable.


Currently and through Sunday May 10th Ushood is offering 25% off all orders. Our sun shirts and base layers have built-in face masks/hoods for a convenient face-covering and skin protection.

Ushood is not your average company, and we take pride in overseeing our manufacturing to ensure we continue to offer a superior quality product. When we visit our textile manufacturer in North Carolina and meet the incredible people from that community, it fortifies our resolve to help create jobs in an area that has been struggling to thrive. Our Ushoods are 100% Made in the USA, from thread to final product. We stand by our decisions to support communities, contribute to the American economy, operate responsibly, and provide solutions for people seeking protection and comfort.

Use promo code WeCare20 for 25% off your entire order.



We get so stoked when someone sends us a photo from an adventure in their Ushood – even if that adventure is going to the grocery store these days.

Pandemic pricing won’t always be in effect, but we will always provide a 15% discount to everyone who sends us a photo of their Ushood in action.

Do us a solid, and if you love your Ushood, send us a photo to use on our website &/or social media. Check out all the happy Ushood adventurers on our Ushood in Action page.